Boasting over 25 years of experience in the video, event design and production, e-learning, and visual and multimedia design fields, as well as extensive webcasting expertise, Témoin Production has built its reputation as a renowned leader through its creative, unique and fully integrated offering.

Our business features a seasoned team of professionals comprised of young talent, all under the same roof, offering fully integrated multidisciplinary services (remote training + videos + multimedia + webcast + webinars + events). Moreover, it owns all of its video production equipment (filming, computer graphics, multimedia, recording, audio/visual editing), as well as its audio-visual tools for on-set technical elements (lighting, sound, projection, multi-format screens, stages, multi-lens video recording, etc.).

This context favours highly beneficial synergy throughout our assignments, which translates to profitable flexibility and turnaround speed for the resources you’ve allocated to your project.

We believe our distinctive features play a key role in building these collaborations. Indeed, this enables us to produce brand experiences and content, as well as adjust our various messages based on the targets set, whatever the platform, bet it to increase web user engagement, optimise institutional growth, promote an event, welcome or train employees, promote services or products, acquire new clients or members, communicate a message from management, create an animated product, etc.

To this end, Témoin Production has developed skills and tech practices covering design, direction, filming, post-production and HD broadcasts on various digital platforms (online training, social media, indoor events, video, TV, webcasts, webinars). Its team can also support its clients in launching web platforms to complement a given video production or event (microsites, online surveys, online training, etc.).

For the past several years, Témoin Production has been pioneering web video broadcasting (both live and deferred) accessible on mobile and tablet platforms in order to effectively drive the various initiatives helmed with its clients. Following a call for bids, we have been commissioned to provide a technical team for audio-video recording for both webcasting and major television networks, as well as provide live webcasting services, for the Charbonneau Commission (CICI – Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry). As a result, we can confirm that Témoin Production boasts unique and unparalleled expertise with regard to public hearings in Québec, as it pertains to both audio-video recording and webcasting. The CICI’s hearings were diligently followed by thousands of online and TV viewers.

Témoin Production also devotes considerable time and resources to its design activities to develop the projects entrusted to the company. This commitment to add value to its clients brand image, combined with its great flexibility, make it a top-tier partner for our many targeted projects of varying scope featuring the latest presentation technologies (Flash, 2D and 3D animations, motion design, dynamic screens and sets).

Témoin Production’s skills and creativity are increasingly sought-after by renowned entities in Québec, Canada and worldwide, including major companies, small and medium businesses, public and parapublic organizations, associations and foundations (Danone, Bombardier, Cogeco, Keurig, Gaz Métro, IGA, Loto-Québec, Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Foundation, Government of Québec, Fédération des CÉGEPS, etc.)

As a result, our team manages several hundred projects each year, both in French and English, with its involvement on a given project potentially including several services, such as strategy and design development, video production (event, promotional, corporate, training), brand content production, online registrations, online training initiative implementation, as well as large-scale event production with indoor, TV or web-based broadcasting.

What makes our collaborations successful? > Our impressive track record. > A flexible approach that aligns with your goals and brand image. > Our commitment to customer satisfaction at every level. > And especially our genuine passion for our craft, driven the joy of working as a team.

Josée and Dominique Le Blanc > > > brother and sister co-founding team
Eco-responsible office practices Témoin Production believes it can reduce its environmental footprint in several ways, which is why our team is invested in building and growing an eco-responsible philosophy, in collaboration with a consulting firm specialized in such, to become a leading player in its field. Our eco-responsible approach is a true commitment to the implementation of the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) throughout our operations and purchasing policies.
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Business relationships with a human touch… Our business relationships often feature long-term partnerships strengthened by cooperation. As a result, we share our clients’ desire to support various causes, which inspires us to act as a good corporate citizen.
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